tom ient

hosting a website on a raspberry pi

at the time of writing this post, this website is hosted on a raspberry pi 3 model b+. while it is much, much more capable than the previous revisions of raspberry pi's that came before it, it is still slow compared to many vps's

on top of the speed, many pieces of software dont work on the pi due to its processors armv7l architecture. so far, the list of software that i have tried to deploy on my pi which havent worked due to the architecture of its processor include gitea and pleroma

despite these disadvantages, i choose to run this website on a raspberry pi at home because 1. it is cheaper than renting a vps in the long term, and 2. i have physical access to the machine and the data on it

if i ever get gitea or pleroma working, i will update this post with how i did it (or make a new one)

written on 10 october 2019